Our FREE ORIENTATION classes are run on Wednesday nights at 7pm.  We take you through an intro on the mechanics of the reformer, discuss pelvic floor activation and complete a 30 minute beginner workout. 

We also use this time to discuss our Mindbody App, how to book and what class pack and membership is right for you. 

Secure your spot now. 

5 classes for $50

If you can't make it to our FREE ORIENTATION class you have the option of jumping straight into our group classes if you have pilates experience.


If you are new to reformer, have injuries or are pre or post natal please book the FREE ORIENTATION first or a SMALL GROUP CLASS. We require additional time to discuss your specific requirements. 

small group intro 

Our SMALL GROUP INTRO pack gives you 4 small group classes for $80. Our small group classes have a maximum of 3 clients. This small class size gives your instructor additonal time to run a class specific to your needs. Please book into to a small group class if you are injured or working through old injuries, are pre or post natal or prefer a slower paced class. 

CASUAL classes or membership, whats riGHT for ME?

This is a very personal decision and depends on what you want from your pilates practice.  Our casual packs are great for those who want to attend the studio once or twice a week. Our 50 pack is the most cost effective, you have 6 months to use it and you get each session for $20. 


Our memberships are our most popular option at the studio, with our $55p/w unlimited classes the most popular. All of our memberships are a 3 month contract with the exception of the unlimited which is a 6 month commitment. Memberships are spread out over the month, not per week. You have a month to use your total number of sessions, sessions will be voided if they are not used in the month. 

All of our casual packs and memberships are purchased through mindbody app, please use the link below to downlaod the app. As you are required to sign a contract for the memberships, you must use the mindbody website to set up a membership. 

All of our pricing options are below.  If you have any questions please contact Stacey on 0417 605 116. 






4 SMALL GROUP INTRO                                        





Single session                                Block of 10 (3 month exp)                Block of 20 (6 month exp                  Block of 50 (6 month exp)        

$35                   $280                

$520                $1000

$26/wk              $50/wk              $60/wk


MEMBERSHIPS (3 month contract) 

4 sessions per month

8 sessions per month

12 sessions per month


(6 month contract)                                                                                            



1 small group

5 small group                           

10 small group                                                                


$190                                            $350


Single session                                                  Block of 5                                                        Block of 10                                                                           


$450                                            $700

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