We proudly offer reformer pilates in a private and semi-private setting with a maximum of 8 clients per class. This guarantees personalised attention in each and every class.

Our hinterland studio is bright and welcoming, we want our studio to be your third space, a place where you are the focus. 


Stacey Bonney



I started my pilates journey at fifteen after buying Windsor Pilates off a TV shopping channel. I have fond memories of placing my mat in the lounge room following the instructions of Marie Windsor.  I took to it straight away and loved the way it made me feel but unfortunately I ignored my inner voice telling me to persue a career in health and fitness. 15 years down the track I found myself totally stressed out in a corporate role that was killing me slowly. 

It was at this time that I first tried reformer pilates, after one class I was hooked. The changes to my body were extremly fast and impressive but the changes to my mental health blew me away.  To me, reformer pilates is moving meditation, there is no room for a running mind when every muscle is burning and all your concentration is keeping you from falling off the bed. 


Three years on I completed my Cert IV in Pilates and a Cert IV in Training and Assessment.   Now I am one of those people who can honestly say 'i love what I do, and Monday mornings are great!.

Sahra Phi



Sahra is one of our Senior Instructors who has a passion for creative movement, if you want a intense class with loads of variety Sahra is your woman. 

Sahra has several years of experience and has completed her Cert IV in Pilates and a KX Pilates certification. 

Sahra brings a welcoming, bright nature to the sto, do yourself a favour and book in for a Saturday session.

Jodie Pappas


‘A passion for movement, body/mind awareness, and helping others has led Jodie to a career in Pilates. 

She received her Cert IV in Pilates & a Diploma of Clinical Pilates at Breathe Education. She also has a Cert IV in Fitness and a Cert IV in Allied Health Assistance. 

It was through her own recovery that she truly began to appreciate all of the benefits of Pilates.

After herniating a disc in her back, she received physical therapy in the form of Pilates. Amazed by her quick recovery and transformation into a stronger and better functioning body, Pilates became an essential life long practice in maintaining balance and strength in her own body.   Jodie loves helping others reach their personal goals of looking and feeling their best.'

Isn't pilates just stretching?

Um no!  Pilates is a system of toning, that incorporates cardiovascular exercise and strength training. It will raise your heartbeat and give you a burn you never thought possible. 

Reformer pilates can completly change the shape of your body. Your muscles are trenghtened whilst lenghthening the muscle fibres. 

What's reformer pilates?

Reformer pilates is very different to mat based Pilates. Reformer Pilates is done using the Pilates reformer machine and is more intense and more dynamic than mat based Pilates as it adds resistance to the Pilates exercises via the use of the springs. As you advance additional resisitance can be applied to increase the intensity of the class. Modern reformer pilates comes in all shapes and sizes.  Instructors can create their own style using additional equipment.  Classes can focus on cardio by using the jump boards or strength by using resistance bands, pilates circles, weights and poles. 

I have never done pilates before do I have to do a private class before starting group classes?

This depends on the individual. If you have never completed a Reformer Pilates class it is strongly recommended that you start with our beginner Level 1 PS Reformer Body class.  PS Reformer Body will start with an introduction to the reformer and focus on technique using low impact moves.   If you have any injuries it is best to let us know so we can discuss your options prior to you starting any class. 

Can I pay for classes in the studio?

Absolutely, we can take payments in the studio and book you in manually if you prefer this than using the Mindbody App.  Come and see us anytime. 

Mindbody? What is it, how do I use it?

Mindbody is an online software that allows easy access for client's to pay for our packages and memberships and book into classes prior to the class commencing.  Best way to use Mindbody is to follow one of the many links in this website, there is a BOOK button at the top of this page.  Follow the link, create a profile, select your package, book your class and you are DONE. 

If you are having trouble please don't hesitate to call or come and see us in the studio.

It's my first class (yay!) what do I do? What do I bring?

Please arrive 15 minutes early to your first class. This will give you time to familiarise yourself with the studio, fill out a registration form, meet your Trainer and have a quick run down on the reformer you will use during class. If you’re late to your first class you might not be able to train as all paperwork is required to be completed before starting. 

What facilities do you have?

There are bathroom facilities in the Maudsland Central complex. Please note that we do not have showers. 

Do you have child minding facilities?

All classes are child friendly, we have a small sitting area where kiddies are welcome to play. Toddlers who are unable to sit still for prolonged periods unfortunately might not be suitable as there are lots of places for little fingers to get stuck but you are more than welcome to try. I understand what this feels like as my daughter would be running and climbing on everything.

How many classes should I do?

This is very personal however to get the most benefit from resisitance training we recommend 2-3 classes a week. 

What is your cancellation policy?

Due to the small number of reformer we have a strict 24 cancellation policy. Some reformer pilates studios have up to 15 beds which allows greater flexibility however as we are a boutique studio we don't want people to miss out.  Please cancel your session within the timeframe otherwise you will loose your session.  If you are a no show or absent you will be debited a $15 late cancel / absent free. We do have to be fair and consistent with all clients therefore no exceptions will be made to this cancellation policy. If you are on an unlimited pack your account will be debited a $15 late cancel / absent free for no shows. We understand that sometimes unforeseeable circumstances can arise and life can sometimes get in the way, but we need to be fair and consistent with all clients. When possible, if you can't make it, please do cancel your class before it starts rather than just not rocking up, in order to free up and spot for another client.